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Triton 2.3.1

Triton software makes your astro-numerology journey & learning path pleasant, easy-to-ride and efficient by creating a differentiating, unique, much simpler but richer user experience | High-quality software for beginners, amateur users and subject-matter experts | Free trial version, individual demos, group demos & tailor-made courses available on demand

Cutting-edge desktop application for Windows (.NET 4.7) | Swiss Ephemeris Inside (Professional License) | Continuous strive for functional completeness (about 1.500 different functionalities), performance and technology excellence

No-nonsense, traditional & modern astrology computations | Mind-blowing predictive calculations | State-of-the-art algorithms, especially for such elaborate techniques as primary, secundary & tertiary directions and astro-geography mapping | Advanced search features

Extensive user preferences with user profile management (30 password-protected profiles) | Innovative Menu Builder: easily configurable, highly visual & searchable tile-based menu entries | Evolutive design | Modern, easy-to-use and responsive UI (Metro-styled application)

Strong object-orientation, parametrization, modularity and reusability (several hundreds of C# classes) | WinForms Generic Reusability Ratio is 10:1 | Clean code | Strong decoupling of presentation layer from business logic (separate assemblies) | Lightning-fast computations with 64-bit architecture | Application warm-up with splash screen, multi-threading, asynchronous processing and data caching | Usage of SQL Server Compact Edition to perform well at high data volumes: geographical, time zone, birth & other data and text, glossary, parameter & menu item search | Switchable functional, technical & performance logging and tracing for continuous improvement

Data encryption and other protection techniques | Software licensing system based on asymmetric encryption (RSA) | Functionality- and user-based authorization management (validity dates, trial version, admin users, power users, paid options)

Under construction: cross-platform coverage (Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Web Browser, Web APIs, Mobile)

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